Today's top news:FILE PHOTO: A Pakistani soldier checks documents of people arriving from Afghanistan at the Friendship Gate crossing point in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border town of Chaman, Pakistan August 27, 2021. REUTERS/Saeed Ali Achakzai/File Photo

Today’s top news: Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ukraine


The Under-Secretary-General for Philanthropic Issues, Martin Griffiths, has wrapped up his visit to the country. Recently, he met with delegates of public and global NGOs and other compassionate accomplices and heard from them the difficulties that help laborers face and how can be supported existing guide activities.

OCHA and its accomplices keeps on increasing the tasks; 937 trucks conveying help from seven UN offices have crossed into north-west Syria from Türkiye since the seismic tremors.

We have additionally finished 34 cross-line missions to north-west Syria starting from the principal interagency visit to Idleb on 14 February, to meet and hear from individuals, survey their requirements and direction the reaction.

Afghanistan and Pakistan

There were seismic tremors in Afghanistan and Pakistan yesterday. In Afghanistan, appraisal groups are being sent to regions impacted by the quakes, while evaluations of harm go on in Pakistan.

Today's top news:


The Compassionate Organizer Denise Brown was in the bleeding edge city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk locale yesterday. She met ladies impacted by the conflict, as well as the ladies drove associations and volunteers attempting to help them.

They told Ms. Brown about their battles to address fundamental issues, for example, purchasing food and cleanliness supplies and getting to drinking water.

Today’s top news: Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ukraine

A few gatherings – such ladies in the Roma people group or those living with handicaps – face segregation and challenges while attempting to get cover and different administrations.

The Philanthropic Facilitator is working with helpful accomplices to address the issues of individuals in and around Kramatorsk. She intends to coordinate more discoursed to guarantee a more comprehensive compassionate reaction in Ukraine.

Toward the beginning of today, helpful accomplices arrived at the cutting edge local area of Lyman with a four-truck escort, conveying food, crisis cover packs, cleanliness supplies, and other basic family things – as well as 90 days of clinical supplies for the 12,000 regular folks actually living there, including 600 kids.

Day to day shelling has elevated helpful necessities in Lyman, which has no water or power. Clinical consideration is restricted, with only one clinic one essential consideration office still useful.

OCHA and its accomplices will proceed with our work to guarantee that regular people in these networks get life-saving help.

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